Rethinking performance as an output not an outcome. 

Designing solutions for positive net performance impact.


Keynotes, workshops, virtual gatherings, think tanks. Sessions are engaging and motivating and combine experience, research, storytelling and practical application. Bulk book orders can be arranged for audiences. 

Topics include: 

Optimizing Personal Performance with Lessons Learned From Sport

This session will challenge you to rethink what performance means to you. It will examine factors that drive performance in elite sport and demonstrate how these same factors drive your own personal performance. The session will explore how these factors influence each other and your output. Sustainable high performance requires integrating factors, using a systems approach, and applying an individualized perspective. You will learn how principles of high performance sport can be applied to your performance in a simplified and relatable way.   

Planning for Performance: Building Strategies that Work

This session looks at the strategies used by top performers in sport to develop integrated, customized plans for peak performance. It takes a step-by-step approach including clearly articulating the performance objective, identifying gaps and key metrics, and targeting priorities. Stories are used to exemplify the lessons. 

Rethinking Performance for Positive Net Impact

This session will tell some stories of high performance, identify factors that affect human performance, encourage you to think about your own performance, and provide simple strategies that you can implement. 

Traits of High Performers Translated to Your Performance

This session provides insight into high performers and how factors that influence performance can be applied both personally and professionally. 

Premium Performance Management 

For a select few elite athletes, high performing executives, professional teams, and organizations I offer strategic planning and integrated performance programming and management services.

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“Working with Ben Sporer these past fifteen years has optimized my performance both on the bike and in the boardroom. Ben has been able to maximize my output and, in turn, my results.”

Brian Hill,
founder and executive chair of Aritzia

“Having had the privilege to work with Ben Sporer for over fifteen years, I have consistently increased my output athletically, professionally, and personally. Ben’s approach has had a major impact on the culture of my organization, my fitness goals, and my desire to increase my overall daily performance! Doing the work is essential, but a comprehensive plan will ensure you meet or exceed your full potential.”

John Horton,
president and CEO of SHAPE

“Late into my first season playing in the NHL, I realized that my overall preparation and training regimen needed to change if I wanted to reach my maximum potential. That summer, I met Ben Sporer. Ben’s approach to the human body and high performance has greatly improved both my life and my career. He is able to zero in on goals by setting up the clear and definitive programs needed to achieve them.”

Sam Reinhart,
NHL hockey player for the Florida Panthers